wrap design

complete customization

When you ordered a Rally Fighter it came as a blank fiberglass canvas. Part of the buying experience was to work with a graphic designer at Local Motors to create the wrap for your Rally Fighter. It was the ultimate part of the customization; creating a custom wrap design to make it your own.

rf0143 design

When RF0143 arrived it had a drab army green wrap, which seemed too understated and didn’t convey the personality of the car very well.  I reached out to several designers and after looking at their prospective designs I decided to partner with Dararpol. We started playing with ideas for a new wrap.  Working with Dararpol has been awesome. He has been incredibly creative, easy to work with and super-responsive. You can get in touch with him here.

After a few iterations Dararpol came up with this elegant design.  Unfortunately the installation was disrupted due to mechanical issues and eventually it was mothballed.

In a conversation with my friend Zak he talked about a camo design used by the British Navy in World War I called Dazzle Camouflage.   It was intended to make it difficult to estimate the ship’s range, speed, and heading. This seemed like the perfect motif for the Rally Fighter.

I sent some images of WW I ships to Dararpol and he was able to morph the camo onto the Rally Fighter.  It looked amazing, and now the design process focused on finding the right colours to be applied.

Ultimately we decided that keeping the original drab green military colour as a base and adding a hugely contrasting bright yellow over the top would be congruent with the military theme of the camouflage while still representing the outlandish nature of the Rally Fighter. And so, the new wrap for RF0143 came to be…