The Rally Fighter always draws attention and raises lots of questions. Here are some of the more frequently asked ones and some answers to go with them.

Did you build it?

 No.  The Rally Fighter was designed by the team at Local Motors with the help of their community and built in a micro-factory in Arizona.

Is it street legal?

Yes, the Rally Fighter is 50 state emissions legal, has lights, turn signals, a horn and even A/C.

Can it fly?

No, it can’t fly. The design was inspired by the P51 Mustang fighter plane from WWII and the long travel suspension means that its really good at jumping over things.

Is it a customized Ford Mustang?

No. The Rally Fighter is a ground-up designed tube chassis vehicle with a Chevy engine, a fiberglass body and trophy-truck style suspension.  It does have F150 brakes and a Ford 9” rear-end though, if that makes you feel better.  For more information take a look at the specifications.

I've seen those door handles before, but I can't place them. Where are they from?

The door handles were sourced from a 92-95 Honda Civic.  Those tail lights may look familiar as well.  They were sourced from an 06-08 2-door Honda Civic.

Is it a tank?

Nope.  But Local Motors did run a project with DARPA to create a military prototype of the Rally Fighter.

Does it get good gas mileage?

One does not buy a Rally Fighter to be frugal. One buys a Rally Fighter to go fast in the desert.